Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have lots to write about since the last post, but I will probably not do another until September or possibly October.
Remember when the summer stretching out in front of you seemed like a long long time? Well, it does not seem like that any more. I know it is very brief, and now I believe in "Carpe Diem"! Every minute of every day!
With that in mind, I have put in two pictures.
Dallas and Jordan are the children of friends. The picture epitomizes several things to me - the pure innocence of the very young, the beauty of healthy children, the unbridled joy at the simple pleasure of a ride on a beautiful summer day in their grandparents boat at the cottage. Carpe Diem!
The second picture is evocative of everything cottage life in Ontario represents.
I hope everyone that reads this will also "seize the day!
(Upsize these pictures -click once, then once more - they are worth seeing in a larger size!)