Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smart Meters – Boon or Bane?

Serious Questions - No Answers
and - you can not opt out!
I thought it was a no brainer – but – it turns out that may not be the case! Have we once again been the victims of an insidious breach of privacy as well as possible victims of harmful radiation?
I will not write at length since so many others already have. Suffice it to say there is a storm of controversy that you can see by simply googling “Smart Meters”, or, for a short discourse on the privacy aspect, go to this link.
You will be astounded at the information collected on your very personal life and habits if the allegations are true.
On the safety aspect, there are lots of condemnations by supposedly qualified experts. Try this link to see one expert opinion
At the very least, the public should be made aware that the controversy rages, and provided with legitimate answers to the questions, rather than hiding the fact that these questions exist. In none of the official government sites can I find any indication of the negatives.
I understand also, that there is no safety agency such as CSA or Underwriters Laboratory that have approved these devices.
If a drug manufacturer advertises a product, they can give the benefits, but must also give the potential side effects.
If the allegations on smart meters are true, then the side effects are potentially horrendous – starting with cancer caused by the radiation, and going on to the potential disruption of devices in the home including medical equipment – check out this link
In short, we have what are potentially illegal wiretap devices giving off dangerous radio waves that have been MANDATED for every home in Ontario with no public discussion.
I do not know if the allegations are true. I do know that there are enough serious and unanswered questions to cause grave concern.
The controversy over wind power (Windmills), and garbage incinerators, etc., has had huge media and public attention.
Smart meters ????
Here we go again on the slippery slope!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Memories of Black River

Prince Edward County
I knew it as Black Creek but probably pronounced it “Crick”. Being farm kids in the 40’s with the war only recently behind us, there was always lots of work to do. Still, several times each summer, Dad would tell us on a Saturday morning to dig some worms, and in the afternoon we would spend several hours on the bridge over the black water beside the cheese factory.
Curd was always on the menu, and we would go right into the back shop where the cheese was made and fresh curds would be scooped into bags for us. Somehow, I doubt we washed our hands very thoroughly even though we had been puncturing worms with our hooks.
The curds were brand new – juicy, salty, and squeaked when you chewed them. Not like the stuff you buy in stores today that are advertised as “fresh” but were made several days ago at least.
Today there is a new, and quite famous cheese factory on the same site, and we visit it several times a year to get fresh curd, and a kings ransom in various cheeses. The bridge is wide and modern, not like the one lane bridge that was there all those years ago.
The picture shows my brothers Keith (left) George (right) and I am the little guy with no pole. The cheese factory is just to the left - out of the picture.
The fishing poles were cut that day from a tree in our yard, and the fishing line was “reeled” by turning the pole around and around. The only high tech equipment was the store bought line and hooks. The floats, or bobs as we knew them, were hand made.
Today when children go to summer camps, visit other countries, and have all manner of entertainments, those little fishing trips of ours would not warrant a mention. In my memory though, they shine with the warming glow of nostalgia!